The research in PEAC group usually requires lots of simulations in control theory, power electronics, and power system areas. Therefore, this HP Z820 workstation is equipped in our group in the aim of running simulations with high performance.

 HP Z820 workstation running Matlab

The configurations of this workstation include:

  • Processor — 2 x Intel Xeon 10 Core E5-2690v2 3.00 GHz 25MB Intel SmartCache 130 W TDP
  • Memory — 256GB DDR3 RAM (16 x 16GB DIMMS)
  • Storage — 1 x 256GB SSD & 1 x 2TB HDD
  • Graphics Card — Standard Quadro NVS 310 or equivalent.
  • Operating System — Window 10 Pro 64bit

And the commonly used software packages are licensed in our group to facilitate the research, including:

  • Matlab/Simulink


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